:: Introduction ::


In this part I will try to explain you history of creating our guild. After that I will try to highlight the goals and aims we are having.

The guild was created based on the core players of our friday, casual group that has been raiding only one day during WotLK content. What were our achivements? Be that kind to read them here:

*first horde pug to kill LK normal (25)
*first horde pug to kill PP and Sindra HM (25)
*first horde pug that got Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25)
*raiding every week for over half a year with core players
*and last but not the least, after getting some of duel's group people we killed LK HM (25)!

All that was achived within only one day of raids.

Why telling about it?

I'm telling about all our achivements and our very long history, because it's a very good base of creating a guild. A guild in Cata will be much more important due to different kind of achivements, perks and bonuses added with the expansion. Read more in the next part.


:: The guild ::


The reason we've moved from a pug style to a organised guild is that we wanted:

*to create stable raiding environment

*to spent minimum possible time raiding, that is required to see most of the content created by Blizzard

*to push maximum of effort during raid

*to be able to connect gaming at raiding level with real life (work, social time)


Those are the key points that are the core the guild will be build around. Let’s explain some more of the details (some are still being processed).



 :: Raid times ::


Raiding days and hours (3 total days of raid, different raid duration depending on day of the week):

*Monday : 19:30 – 23:00

*Thrusday : 19:30 - 23:00

*Sunday 19:00-23:00


Total of 11 hours of raids planned per week, which should be sufficient to reach progress goals but not taking too much of real life time.

:: Guild structure ::


*Guild Leader








:: Guild structure explanation ::


*Guild leader – responsible for organizing raids, keeping control of the guild

*Officer – people chosen or voted that are here to assist guild leader during raids and in control of the guild

*Raider – core of the guild, players that proved their worth in various raid situations

*Member – standard guild rank for people raiding in guild

*Trial – newcomer, person being tested

*Alt – alt

*Friend – rank ment for people that do like our company and want to stay with people from the guild, not connected with raiding


:: Loot system ::


We will be using Loot Council system, as it’s the one that gives planned increase of performance needed in progress.

Assigning a loot depends from few factors, for example: player’s performance, level of upgrade, previous loot history, player’s attitude and activity.

Bear in mind, that our vision of guild is that loot is here to let us progress easier rather than being the goal itself.


:: Raids  ::


We are aiming to have a tight rooster of players that we all can relay 100% on.

In the raid conditions, there are few key things you need to be aware of:


*Being late is not an option, as we are having only 3 days of fairly short raiding hours we need to maximize usage of it – being late over two times within a month might be enough to be removed from rooster

*AFK during raids is not an option, same reason as with being late – our raiding hours does not allow it. However, there will be short breaks if needed during raids.

*Flasks/food/consumables all required for full duration of raid – lacking it or slacking with using might be enough to be removed from rooster


:: Attendance ::


*We require you to have minimum of 90% of attendence

*You are required to sign for upcoming raid at least 24 hours ahead

*We expect you to stay online full raid duration, even not being granted a spot and being ready to join instantly if requested


:: Addons ::


We require you to use following addons:

*DBM* or any other boss mod


*POWA* Power Auras Classic


:: PC / Internet ::


*We require 100% stable internet connection with low latency (<200ms)

*Stable and fast enough PC to handle top-end raiding (low performance as a result of low fps is not acceptable)